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Went to the dentist for a full checkup for the first time in 10+ years

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Nov 1, 2020
Hey everyone,

I can't remember the last time I went to the dentist. I know for sure it's more than 10 years ago, maybe around 15 even (?!).

I have a phobia of going to the doctor/dentist in general due to a rough childhood upbringing and a parent who conditioned me to feel like there was always something wrong with me, my body and appearance. I never fully took care of myself and my health due to feeling like it wasn't important or worthy even.

I've always brushed twice a day but flossing I was very inconsistent with. I haven't gotten into the habit of flossing daily until a year ago when I had a major wake up call and I had to have work done on my two top front teeth. I then started to get major anxiety around anything dental. Any weird feeling, sensitivity or any rough patches on my teeth would send my anxiety through the roof. I was convinced that I would need root canals or implants and would lose all my teeth.

I knew I had to get a checkup over with and start addressing my dental issues so I signed up with Cigna (I'm in the US) and went for a full checkup two days ago. I know from life experience that the only way is through so I built up the courage over the span of ~4 months and scheduled it.

I was so nervous going in but the hygienist was so nice. I told him that I'm really anxious and it's been more than 10 years since I've seen the dentist. He examined my teeth, gums, mouth etc and did x-rays. He was so empathetic and chill about the entire thing and really calmly explained each step. He also mentioned a few times that the state of my teeth are really not that bad considering it's been so long. I feel so grateful.

The dentist came in to talk to me about what was going on. There were a few cavities that I needed filled as well as addressing some in-between the teeth cavities that I had from when I was not flossing daily. She prescribed me a high fluoride remineralizing toothpaste and said she wants to monitor those teeth (the cavities are tiny and on the surface). I have three appointment scheduled with her to address the fillings and I even scheduled my next 6 month checkup in May! I'm really proud of myself! I'm facing probably my biggest life fear.

I'm going to be honest, the buildup was hard. It was hard to steel myself up to sign up for dental insurance, show up to the doctors office and just open myself to finding out what needed to be fixed. But you know what? It's all worth it and it's going to be okay.

Thank you to this amazing community. I've been lurking here for quite some time and reading everyone's experiences has helped me take the right steps in addressing my dental issues. Thank you thank you thank you
Hi scaredandanxious88,

congrats and well done! :jump::jump::jump::jump: what a lovely inspiring story.. and wow, you have made quite a bit of a journey. Delighted to read that you have found such a nice dental team. Sounds like you are back on track with dental health after all those struggles from the past.

Thanks again for sharing, your review will serve as an inspiration to many who read it.

All the best wishes