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Westbury, Wiltshire



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Jun 9, 2011
I am so pleased to have found a wonderful dentist that I can highly recommend: Mark Saliba
Delicate Dentistry
1, Hospital Rd
BA13 3EQ
Tel: 01373 822229


You may have come across websites that claim to be sensitive, you may of met dentists who say they will be gentle.... and you may of been dissapointed .....
Here is a different story..

The dentist- Mark came into the waiting room and greeted me himself with great eye contact, a smile and a friendly handshake.
On entering the dental room I was offered a place for my bag, scarf etc so I didnt have to try to clutch and balance it all on my lap. The room was full of eye catching pictures, mobiles and as I lay back I saw a well placed .. facinating poster on the ceiling!

The medical card I filled in asked about my work unlike other medical dental cards which can leave you feeling like a non human number in a waiting room.. and Mark chatted generally before starting. I was also introduced to the dental assistant who was even given a name ( never experienced that before!)

After reading my card he immediately stated that he would explain everything as he went along.
As soon as I felt Marks hand on my mouth I sensed the gentleness and I noticed my whole body began to relax, my body knew I could trust this person to be sensitive and caring.
Soon after I was told he would be using a needle, I was waiting for the pain.. and I kept waiting... I DID NOT FEEL THE NEEDLE AT ALL. I am a highly sensitve person so this is quite incredible, I have always felt needles and the pain has always been long and sharp.:shame:

I began to relax so much I had momments of almost falling asleep. :o!

Aside from this dentists skill in communication and sensitivity I sensed a bit of a perfectionist.. he TOOK TIME to do things slowly, with care and he did the work well. When I looked at my tooth afterwards I was delighted that it looked so good!

Afterwards he walked with me to reception and ensured post procedure care.

I have avoided dentist for around 18 yrs of my life due to bad experiences and over the last 2 years I have seen NHS and private dentists. Without going into detail, each visit was traumatic and it took me several days to recover each time.

I had my first visit with Mark just a few hours ago, I am still genuinely shocked by...how good it was and I feel so grateful to have found such a good dentist at last :))):)
If you are sensitive and looking for someone who will treat you really well.. DELICATE DENTISTRY LIVES UP TO ITS NAME!
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