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Wetherby, Leeds



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Mar 23, 2006
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https://www.hopkinsondental.co.uk - 'All our patients benefit from our warm and caring approach and the relaxing atmosphere of the practice.
For extremely nervous and phobic patients we can offer intravenous or oral sedation'.
Laura Riley (nee Hopkinson) has a Diploma in Sedation.
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I would like to recommend Laura at Hopkinson Dental. Laura has special training in sedation but is also very kind and caring with nervous patients. I must confess that I'm her mother, but don't take my word for it, look at the testimonials on her website.
I rarely leave reviews but I spent weeks searching online for a dentist in Wetherby who would help me, and genuinely have a lot of patience and empathy with a phobic patient and would like to share my experience.

I am new to the Wetherby area, and have suffered from crippling dental phobia since my early teens so had avoided dental work for years. My web searches for a dentist who genuinely specialised in treating nervous patients led me to Laura at Hopkinson Dental in Wetherby, and I had seen her mentioned on this forum. So I decided finally to take the plunge. From the outset the reception staff were extremely caring and very supportive, and made me feel welcome as they knew I was ready to bolt out of the door if my shaking legs would have co-operated!

My first check up with Laura and dental nurse Jenny was outstanding, and she took the time to first talk through my previous experiences and feelings about dental work so she could treat both my teeth, and allay my fears about having dental work undertaken. This approach made a real difference, and for the first time ever at the dentist’s I felt understood and not at all foolish, which gave me a huge amount of confidence before beginning treatment as I have a high tolerance to dental aesthetic which has previously caused me to feel a lot of pain during drilling, despite multiple injections. She talked through all the sedation options, but she made me feel so at ease I decided to go forward without any sedation.

Three fillings later (without any pain!) and I am thrilled to say I have almost completely lost my dental phobia thanks to Laura’s very gentle, kind and patient manner – and Jenny who is a lovely and supportive dental nurse. An amazing dental practice for both the brave, and extremely nervous, that I wish I had found years ago!

Laura Riley (nee Hopkinson)
19 Market Place
West Yorkshire
LS22 6LQ


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