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What am I doing wrong?? Here we go again.



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May 6, 2016
So I finally thought I would have 5 or no, really I thought I would have 10 years of having no dental work. Everything was crowned or filled my implant is in...
I go for impressions for a night guard...on a whim I let them do bite wings that I should have done in October but they skipped for whatever reason. My upper tooth that was rct has decay under the crown. WTF it's been 2 years. If they are going to all rot that fast, then why am I even bothering. I thought I would have many years before I lost another tooth. What did I do wrong. My diet is clean, I spend a ridiculous amount of time on my oral health...I floss any time I eat anything, I oil pull twice a day. I brush and I brush. I even got an electric tooth brush. What am i doing wrong? What else can I do.

They want me to go back to 6mo xrays but I just can't cope with that crap. I go for 6mo cleanings and check ups...just yearly xrays. I keep thinking the one next to it is leaking too but at least it hasn't already been RCT They took the permanent crown off friday and I guess it didn't break. But it's so likely with dead teeth and now I am in a stupid panic that it will break when they take the temp off in 6 weeks (stupid holidays) All I keep thinking is that this is another one I'm going to lose and I can't do it again. If they crown it what's to say it won't leak again and again until it does break. What about the others pretty much all my molars and pre molars thanks to very large fillings a long long time ago. Are they all really only going to last a few years. All of my dental is 4 years old or less minus one filling that is 15. It's like nothing I do is good enough. What else am I supposed to do? Why do I even bother if they are just going to rot this fast. I'm already at a total loss as if they have told me it's not salvageable because I don't really believe I will get more than two years with the new crown if it makes it in the first place. How often do they break when a temporary crown is placed?
Hi Tiger,

Sorry to hear of your troubles. You sound very pessimistic which is understandable but I hope you can turn this around and acknowledge the positives. From what you are telling us, you're not doing anything wrong so I can only assume that you have bad genetics and/or a harsh oral environment. (I have friends who had teeth crowned and fail within a short period and have lost the said teeth and other people I know who have had crowns for years - one over 20 years!) Please don't blame yourself. I can hear your anger but hopefully: 1. it has been caught early; 2. the new crown will work out fine; and 3. you will get many years out of your tooth and teeth (if not a lifetime!)

Good luck ?
Post your BW
Better yet post the radiograph before the crown and then also post the BW just recently done
Thanks you are right i am pessimistic i'm terrified ofvlosing another tooth. I know many have it worse but this idea of this happening again is not in my coping skills file.

Comfortdentist I would if i had copies. i do not :( Apparently they garantee their work so if a crown needs replacing in 5yrs it's free. I just don't understand why it happened. I mean they didn't say it was my fault but still. It had developed a dark line at the top of the crown. she didn't seem to need to take much off said it was caught early. How often do they break when a temp is removed. i mean it seems to have made it through the permanent crown removal ok. It didn't involve the root canal part just the tooth part at the edge of the crown. Could i have caused the leak over flossing? Is it more likely to happen again ?
Just ask them to send you the x-rays in an email.
That won't upset them?
I'm sure that your request will bother them some. It would me however having caries two years after a restoration has been placed is unusual unless you have a carb/sugar/sweet drink rich diet or suffer from extreme dry mouth. I have my own suspicion but your radiographs should explain this situation.
i'm curious on your thoughts and i haven't had soda in 8 years nor sweets. Grains are limited. Part of me says it must be me....the other part says maybe i just got one that some how didn't seal at the gumline properly.
currently I am pretty much doing liquids only I'm so scared of food near the temp. The only other thing is I floss probably too much don't know if that could do anything?
I will try to get them. I am kinda a phone phobic when it comes to the dentist too. I just can't lose another tooth. I really hope this is an isolated event and doesn't mean it will happen again.
You could send a letter....
Hi Tiger...I'm confused...What do you mean when you say your tooth "leaked"?

Do you feel comfortable having this same dentist put a new crown on that tooth? I can appreciate that you don't want to pay for a new crown but maybe seek a 2nd opinion? If you're not comfortable with the same dentist repairing what *may* be his shoddy work, you could always have a new dentist place a new crown and ask the original dentist for a refund...a refund might or might not happen, but if you go that route, prepare for some hurt feelings on their part along the way.

I've heard conflicting advice regarding oil pulling. I'm not sure if it offers any dental benefits, but then again, I'm not a Dentist so what do I know. :)

Recent dental work can fail. Shouldn't, but there are several reasons that it might (provider/technique error, diet, home hygiene program, patient sensitivity, etc). Maybe this one crown was just an exception to the rule ..I wouldn't assume all of your other dental work will fail, too. They're suggesting that you have xrays every 6 mos. to catch future issues before they become bigger issues. This is insurance for you...wouldn't you rather tackle a small cavity with a small filling than have to face root canal, crown or extraction when that small decay becomes larger and/or reaches the pulp?

I've had several crowns and temp crowns...not once has the tooth broken when the temp was removed. The "glue" used to place temp crowns is just that: Temporary "glue". It's not nearly as strong as the permanent adhesive they used to place perm crowns. Your temp will literally pop off with a handy tool designed just for the purpose of removing temp crowns in a few seconds or less. All of my temps came off very easily and not one of the temps were even destroyed...so don't fret about this.
Leak as in bacteria got under the crown and started eating on the remaining tooth structure the crown was on. Thank you for your reply
i actually would not trust any other dentist to touch me...so yes I trust her.
As for the xrays...once a year is really all i can tolerate. Frankly less is best. I wouldn't care if i had to pay for a new crown. I just don't want the tooth to break. If it was not already root canaled I would not be as worried.

As for oil pulling since I started my gum measurements have gone from 3s and 4s to 1s 2s and a few 3s on the regular. I never let them do deep cleanings. Also my hygenist has had very little to scrape off at cleaning time. There are other benefits as well besides dental. As for diet I doubt that caused it...i don't eat sugar or anything processed and I'm vegan. mouth care i spend 2 + hours cleaning my mouth almost every single day...so unless i caused some cement to not seal properly or running home (literally I run the 4.5 miles home) caused it...
I know it wasn't my usual dental assistant that cemented this one. I guess I just really want to know ot's a one off and it wasn't my fault. And they did catch it early. I'm not even sure it would have been on the xray in april. I'm assuming my other crowns would hurt if there was a problem. Honestly they will all be root canals when they need replacing they were very close to the nerve. So no 6mo xray exposure is not something i care to impart on myself.

If the fact that this one leaked does not mean it will happen again i will be fine i just need a reason. its nothing to do with money I would still trust her i would never trust anyone else. it's more peace of mind. Because thinking I caused it makes me hate myself and wonder why i bother doing anything at all