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What are chances of root canal?



Junior member
Sep 26, 2007
I am new here :)
After a sleepless night, I went to a new dentist (first dental visit in 3.5 years), got a check-up and 14 x-rays. I thought I did great just to do all that! I knew I had a loose/broken very large filling. I am not in pain, but have been occasionally in this tooth and it's not sensitive to cold, just pressure. He said that a root canal may or may not be required once he removes the old filling to do the crown. He can't see from the x-ray, has to wait till he starts working on the tooth. I simply cannot stand not knowing until that moment whether or not I will need a crown plus root canal. It is bad enough to have to have a crown (never having had one before and not knowing how that will feel) but with the possibility of another new very scary thing as well in one visit, I am about giving up on EVER going back. Is there another way to find out first if a root canal is necessary?
There's no easy way to know in advance or your dentist would have told you. It's not like we enjoy building the suspense ;D
Your dentist has the advantage that at least he's actually seen the tooth and I haven't so my guesses will be less accurate than his ;D

Why don't you read up a wee bit about root canals and so on here on this site and then you'll be a bit more prepared if endo is required?
Thanks Gordon for your reply. I will doing some reading up. He had said it was a good sign that I was not in pain and losing sleep as a lot of people who come to see him needing rct are.