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What are early signs of infection around implant?



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Jul 1, 2018
Is there a way to catch an infection before it causes bone loss?

My front tooth implant has never felt right. It has always had dull pain where the root would have been and the gums around the tooth hurt off and on. My oral surgeon, two different dentists (previous and new one) and my new periodontics surgeon have told me that there is no visible sign of infection. The gums look good. X ray, (in October) showed nothing wrong. It doesn’t hurt to bite down, but I feel pressure when I do.

The part that makes me feel it is infection and not neuralgia is that before I had my molar extracted in December, it had been getting worse with pain and I noticed swelling every morning, which would decrease throughout the day. The swelling started fluctuating during the day as well as the pain increased. With the extraction I was given antibiotics and the pain around the implant went away completely. It has just now started back. Today it is slightly swollen and there is dull pain (like a headache) behind the implant and above it. It is bad enough I need tylenol. It feels like really bad sinus pressure but lower than the sinus.
What can I do if the dentist and surgeon say it is fine? Will it just get worse until I lose the implant?
I should add that I never had any symptoms of infection with the tooth when it abscessed. It started hurting one day and when they did an X-ray there was a huge abscess. There was a LOT of infection.
Hi @MountainMama not sure if it will be of any help, but one of my implants also hurt from time to time. It just recently started hurting again. It doesn’t hurt when I chew, but it can hurt if for example my tongue touches. Which ofcourse is a bit nonsense since it’s an implant.