What are the alternative methods of descaling?



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Jun 24, 2009
Until very recent times, there was no such procedure as needing to regularly see a Dental Hygenist - and in most of the world, still isn't.
I do understand that it is a very lucrative addition to a Dental Business, but am curious as to what created the need.

I have unfortunately deteriorated in health in the last few years as a byproduct of "terminal" pancreatic cancer developed some 25 years ago.

As can be noted, I'm still here! :) (Both the original medical consultants are long dead, being Doctors and thus having statistically short lifespans.)

However, the residue of the Cancer is a severely damaged pancreas which is usually called Diabetes. I thus have to be very, very careful with anything I put in to my body or even expose it to, these days.

I was talked into/sold this procedure when I went to have a filling replaced (a 35 y.o. one).

I underwent the primary process of descaling - most unpleasant but livable - and was then told I'd need multiple visits, costing over a grand.... for tooth cleaning!

Apparently there are several options for this process: by hand, by ultrasonics, by laser and I would like to hear from anyone with experience of any.

ESPECIALLY as to pain caused. I react extremely badly to any form of drug, even from sugar to caffeine and thus need to forgo anaesthetics.

I will continue to research on the net, but THIS forum seems the right place to be!

Thanks in advance for any story,


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Oct 25, 2005
It's most common to mix several approaches at once, ultrasonic for the gross cleaning then onto finer hand instruments for the minor stuff. Lasers don't work for scaling, unless somebody has invented a new one that I've not heard of.

Pain is so subjective, one man's agony is another woman's slight ache.

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