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What causes a split in the gum near a back tooth ?.



Well-known member
Nov 5, 2014
It looks like my gum near my back tooth has a bit of a split. What would cause it ?. Also, I can feel some lumps in my jaw below my back teeth.
there are lots of possiblke causes. You're probably best getting it checked for peace of mind
Would I need an emergency appointment ?. I also have swollen, receding gums. I'm not sure whether to see a doctor, dentist, or go to a walk in health centre. I have tried to call a few surgeries recently ,but they aren't taking on nhs patients. So I think I will either have to find another surgery in my area, or go to an nhs surgery that is out of my area but still close by.
well it sounds like a fairly chronic long term problem to me so try and get booked in somewhere you can get comprehensive care, not just a course of antibiotics
Thanks Rob. Do you think it is very serious ?. I worry about oral cancer and infections. I am 30 years old, I have never smoked and very rarely drink alcohol, if that helps.