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What causes swollen gums?



Well-known member
Sep 4, 2020

I have felt like my gums feel a but swollen over my top front teeth for the past 24h. There's a possibility they've always felt this way and it's an anxiety issue, but if it's "real" and not in my mind, what could be causing it and what can I do to fix it? I have no pain, no bleeding, they look normal colour. Just when I rub my tongue across they feel a bit sort of puffier than I thought they usually did.

I use colgate sensitive toothpaste and have done for about 18 months. No mouth wash. I use the smallest teepee brushes once a day and an electric toothbrush with sensitive head.

I do take a contraceptive pill and wondered if it could be hormone related (presuming it's not a made up problem in my head of course).

Should I be doing anything else? Am I worrying unnecessarily? When I have been to the dentist, my gum scores have been mostly zero with the odd 1.

Thank you
Mine swell each month with hormone fluctuations. They also get a little sensitive for a few days.
As MM says, hormone fluctuations will do it. Some other meds can cause a bit of swelling (classically Epanuton for epilepsy does it)
Thank you both ever so much. I appreciate your replies as always