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What did the oral surgeon give you for pain?



Nov 14, 2016
I am going to get the rest of my teeth taken out tomorrow and I was wondering what everyone got for pain management afterwards?
I’m just going to ask for sweet air. Too expensive and too afraid to be sedated.
They will probably give you some sort of opioid for a few days (Percocet or something like that). When I’ve had extractions, I’ve always been offered that, but can’t take them. I always take ibuprofen snd Tylenol (if you don’t have any medical issues that prevent it’s ok to take both at the same time). I have an appt today too - just for a cleaning and implant impressions.... so we can be virtual appt buddies :)

Good luck today and let us know how it goes!
When I had all of my extractions I was given a ten day supply of Percocet but only took them as long as I needed, which was three days. I managed the discomfort with prescription ibuprofen. He also gave me a steroid to control the swelling since I also had bone grafting done. If you feel more comfortable having a narcotic pain killer on hand after the extractions make sure to ask for one if you don’t automatically get one.
I only have had 2 teeth extracted so far but, I got 800 mg of Ibuprofen and Tylenol mixed with something else. I stopped taking the Tylenol mix and just did regular Tylenol bc the mix was making me vomit. I'd take them both asap after the surgery and then however many hours apart the instructions tell you. My ibuprofen was every 8 hrs and Tylenol every 6, never had any pain while on them and 5 days after extraction I was already off them and didn't need them.