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What do you think about dental irrigators? | What can wait for me now?



Jul 10, 2016
Good afternoon everyone.

Recently I've had new "dental adventures": another root canal treatment and filling of my bottom left #8 - a wisdom tooth. Afterwards, that #8 started hurting, so I went to my Dentist again.
She knocked on both my lower back teeth.

"Does it hurt here?" she asked.


"And here?"


"Maybe it's something with gums..."

It turned out that I have gums pockets with food debris. She cleaned them with mouthwash and put into them some medicine which looked like hair.

"Maybe it'll help..." she said.

Well, it's clear now that I have to clean my back teeth better. But - honestly - how?

She told me about a dental irrigator for cleaning the pockets.

I'm really confused...
Firstly, I'm scared of this devices only by looking at them on the Internet. This splashing of water or whatever... Besides, I'm almost completely sure that I wouldn't be able to use it by myself and this fact really dejects me... It really quite enough for me that I use a sonic toothbrush again, with help of my Mum... I really hate being so dependent! :cry:

Now I use Lacalut Aktiv Plus toothpaste and I smear my gums with Dentosept A liquid when they hurt.

I think it's all really strange - I was feeling a bit better for a few days and today's morning I felt the pain again, but now I'm feeling better. It's so crazy...!

Might a mouthwash with chlorhexidine be helpful? If so, in what dose?

Maybe it's an inflammation of the periosteum... What can wait for me now? Scaling? Root planning?

Thank you in advance for your replies.
Might a mouthwash with chlorhexidine be helpful? If so, in what dose?
Might well be, it's worth trying anyway. Can you sort of bubble it around the affected area to really agitate it around? Three times a day to start with then cut it down to once.
Thank you Gordon as always.

But, I mean, in what proportional concentration? In Polish online dental shops you can find a lot of them, with different ones...
0.2% Chlorhexidine, I didn't think you could get anything else.
There are different, really... Just try putting this webpage into a translator...
Every day's a school day. Anyway, 0.2% is what you need :)
Well, the mouthwash with chlorhexidine has helped a bit but I still feel the pain when I touch these spots on my gums with a toothbrush... :( And I'm wondering: Is there any point in asking for any antibiotic?
Can't say without seeing you, sorry Kitty :(
@Lioness I use a water pik twice sometimes 3 times a day . I fill the tank up with warm water and blast my gums it’s brilliant I highly recommend . But you should also use a interdental brush