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What does bottom molar dental injection feel like?



Junior member
Dec 10, 2023
United States
I am terrified of needles! I have gotten all of my fillings done without anesthesia due to this. I had one upper tooth extracted 3 years ago with no pain from the injections, but now I need a bottom molar extracted and I am so scared for the nerve block. I have heard horror stories about how painful it is to have it done.

Can anyone give me an example of what the pain for the nerve block could be compared to? Bee sting? Pain on a scale from 1-10?
You could ask for some numbing gel prior to the lidocaine injection. It works 100%. There is a little soreness when they inject it, but it is over in about 30 seconds. Ask them to inject slowly. I've heard that helps and to not have the lidocaine cold. Thoughts are with you. Good luck. Tell yourself you can do anything for 30 seconds!
@ChickenLittle028 thank you for your reply! I will definitely ask about the numbing gel
Feels like nothing much, to be quite honest. A 1 or a 2 for me.