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What does it mean if your gums are inflamed and sometimes they bleed and sometimes they don't?



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Nov 5, 2014
I'm not sure what it means and how do you know if you brush well enough or overbrush?. Also, what does it mean if they are inflamed but there is no pain?. My electric toothbrush makes a little movement when I brush too hard. Is there a toothbrush that lets you know when you have brushed all the plaque off?. I have heard of one called Colgate Plaqless Pro but I'm not sure if it's still going to be available to buy or if it has been cancelled.
You could buy some plaque disclosing tablets which will show you the plaque that is still left on your teeth, and also are you flossing?
@Kml1998 Thanks. I tried the plaque disclosing tablets but because it says to brush before you use them and brush after you use them, I'm worried that that is overbrushing them. I also get confused about why it has to show the old and new plaque and not just the old plaque. I am waiting for the waterpik I ordered to come.
You can't "over brush" anything. If you're using an electric brush it will prevent you from leaning too hard with it and doing any damage.
Disclosing tablets will show any plaque you are missing, it doesn't really matter if it's old or new.
@Gordon Thank you. It helps to know that. I'm not sure what it means when you sometimes bleed and sometimes you don't.
If it bleeds it means there is some inflammation present. If you can see where it's bleeding from then that area needs better cleaning.
@Gordon Yesterday there was lots of blood and today there was hardly any. I have just started using a waterpik but why does the amount of bleeding change a lot?.
It sounds like you might have some food packing in a specific area. Might vary according to what you've been eating, some foods are more prone to packing than others. Fibrous veggies for instance.
The hygienist you're seeing next week should be able to help with this.
@Gordon Thank you Gordon. I was really worried but it helps to know that.