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What does this sound like? A possible abcess?



Nov 9, 2016
For about a month, I've had a light bump beside my worst, cracked tooth in the back of my mouth (Tooth #19), just on the gum near it. It doesn't cause pain, unless I press on it very hard, and sometimes it doesn't protrude at all. If it does, brushing over it causes it to swell back down and doesn't really hurt and it's easy to ignore, but it usually comes back up eventually (hasn't in a while though). I asked my mother and sne told me it sounded like an abcess, and that got me terrified because I looked up all the ways an abcess can worsen and lead to death or bone loss.

When I went to the dentist, I had him look around in that area but he didn't say anything about it, just that the tooth itself is nonrestorable and I should have it extracted.

I was referred to another dentist for an unrelated procedure, and I've been trying to schedule since Monday, but they didn't return my call. Will try again this Monday. I hope it couldn't get potentially serious by then.

I don't know what I'm dealing with anymore. I'm just worried about my throat sealing up or damaging my jaw or it developing into septicemia and resulting in death, especially since the last few days I've been feeling the sensation of phlegm in the back of my throat and a bit of a stuffy nose in the mornings, which I don't know if it is or isn't something completely unrelated. Is it possible it's just some other kind of cyst?
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If the tooth is cracked badly and needs to be extracted, it is almost definitely an abscess. Its very unlikely to get serious quickly. Deaths related to a tooth abscess are pretty few and far between (but they do happen occasionally). Things you'd want to watch out for in the meantime are major facial swelling or an extremely high fever. If those happen, you'd need to get on an antibiotic. At this point it doesn't sound like you need one. Have the tooth extracted as soon as you're able and everything should be just fine.
I too found a spot on my gum before class and I totally freaked out. I had a root canal on the trooth so in was sent to a endodontist and she said it's iffy if it can be re treated but she was willing to try. I decided to just have it extractied which is my worst fears so fro m the moment I found the spot I cried. Well finely had it done today and I feel stupid be ok for being so crazy stupid about it. It was aboslultly painless, and now it's gone and one less tooth that will ever bother me. Good luck but extractions are nothing.