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What Happens When Dentists Refuse To Treat You?



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Jul 31, 2009
I have a long history of failed dental treatment. Steming from childhood 'abuse' in the days when it was ok to force kids down and do whatever was needed regardless of the terror it created.
I really want nice teeth and try to look after them. I am able to visit the dentist and have managed to get some work done in the past through hospital sedation. It takes me some time to get to trust a dentist and I have moved home twice in the last 6 years, so each time I get somewhere with one dentist I have had to move on.
Right now I need at least 3 fillings, have a broken tooth and decay under a previous crown which needs to be fixed. My new dentist was quite sympathetic and assured me he would do anything to help me.
We tried to do some work with me heavily sedated on Ativan, I was more than happy to sit in the chair and was totally out of it and knew nothing of the proceedure. Unfortunately, in the middle of it all, my sub-conscious self awoke and I had a rather frightening panic attack that I was not in control of at all, being so sedated. I did become aware of my hyperventilation but was unable to do anything about it. I guess it was a bit like waking up in the middle of surgery! The dentist halted the proceedure and when we met again he said that I would have to go into surgery and get everything done under general anisthetic. That would be the answer to my prayers, but it is going to cost over $8,000 to do it and I have a very limited budget and cannot justify putting myself deep into debt for 4 fillings! I want to try again with the Ativan, with my husband with me so he could sort of whisper in my ear and keep me calm while the work is being done. The problem is that the dentist is now saying he doesn't want to do that again as I 'stressed him out' last time. Now, here I am again feeling worthless and a failure and back to square one, in pain with the broken tooth and the dentist not wanting to help unless I pay $8,000 up front.
Can a dentist refuse a customers request for treatment just because it upsets him?
Do you have any thoughts or suggestions as to what I could do to stop the panic attack whilst under sedation? I was wondering about Hypnotherapy, but don't know if that will help as it is my deep sub- consciousness that is being affected. The dentist told me I had a primeval fear that he could do nothing about, thanks bud! I really dont want to have to find yet another dentist and start the process over, again, if he says no. I did ask him if he would be prepared to take out all my teeth and give me a false set, but he refused. Do you have any good news at all for me?
painfully yours
Sounds like you need to find another dentist, that one is a lost cause by the sound of it :(

IV sedation is probably the answer, oral sedation doesn't let you manage the dose appropriately and it's difficult to get the "correct" amount of sedation that way.