What has helped you with jaw/face pain



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Nov 1, 2017
Hello all,
I'm having jaw issues follow a RC in Sept, I need additional dental work done, since i have limited opening, my bite is off balance, constant shooting pains in my face and teeth and other symptoms. Which i never had any before the RC, Im still trying to learn and understand whats going with me. Also have a mouth full of cavities that continue to hurt, probably infected, my teeth are in much worse shape then I knew. Ive been told they will be unable to do any dental work until my function gets better. I also plan on getting second opionions on this, possible seeking dentist who spealize in TMD/muscle issues. I'm really concerned because so much time has passed and It dont seem my jaw or teeth are getting any better. Do I have to fix one before can work on the other?
Anyone have any experince dealing with TMD/muscle/ Jaw issues and needing or had dental work done?
Anyone have any physical therapy, has it helped? Did you need to do it first before dental work?
Anyone on or tired medications? whats helped
Im currently on anxiety medication. I was given muscle relaxer flexdril and ulrect pain medicine, I have not tried either Ive had bad allergic reactions to medications in past, and with my anxiety levels so high right now I was too nervous to try them. That and reading how the medications dont mix together once can become too sedated.
I have tried to do jaw exercises and self massage, since i cant move around to well and in pain i do them very carefully. Also very scared that my jaw will pop out of place and have a muscle spam, which is what started this whole thing to began with.
Any one have this happen before?


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi yes I have suffered and still do with TMJ problems, treatment is quite painful for my jaw but my dentist is very careful and allows me to rest my jaw while doing treatment. You need to see a jaw specialist and let them have a look and offer you treatment to help with this problem. I saw one and they did mention and injection to the jaw bone. I decided not to have this as it works for some and not others and you can only have a limited amount of the injections. I was also told that there are other things that can be done, and they have stopped using the injections in America.

There are things you can do to try to help like not chewing gum, not smoking not biting hard food or biting apples as strange as that sounds. Your dentist can also make you a mouth guard that you can wear day or night, usually at night. You are probably clenching your teeth which makes the problem worse. Try to keep your teeth slightly apart and not clench.

Sorry I can't be of more help, I would go to see the dentist and ask to be referred to a specialist.

click on this link to view a conversation I had with a dentist on here about tmj and the possible things to try.

I hope this helps, good luck