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What if my wisdom tooth falls out - panicking



Mar 16, 2015
I've had a wisdom tooth that's been waiting to be taken out for ages. I am too terrified to have it out by my regular dentist so I've been putting it off and putting it off. When I had my last check up, I told my dentist that it was more mobile than before, he agreed and we made a plan, that he would refer me to the dental access clinic. But their waiting list is really long. Now I am worried about what would happen if it actually just fell off, and I am panicking, I am feeling sick with anxiety and the thought of the tooth falling out, the blood, the hole it would leave, what it would be like and I can't deal with this at all.

What would happen if my wisdom tooth were to fall out? What do I do? I am having a full blown panic attack, at the idea of both it falling out and just going to my regular dentist and have it removed with no IV sedation.
Your tooth won't just fall out. Did the dentist give you a reason why it is mobile?
Yes, I had an abscess quite a few years ago which went away with antibiotics. But I clench and grind my teeth a lot when I sleep. There were a few gum infections in that area since and despite good oral hygiene and regular hygienist visits, the gum has receded a lot there. It sometimes gets inflamed after a good bruxing session. I do have a tooth guard but it doesn't really relieve the pressure, just protects teeth from damage. I get facial pain, so I know that the tooth guard doesn't stop the bruxism.

Last time I noticed it was a bit looser than before, he said that it was because there was some infection and inflammation which was pushing my tooth out a little so he gave me a course of antibiotics and our plan of action is - unless things go majorly wrong before I get my access appointment (which could take up to a year just for assessment ) we can keep on top of things with antibiotics when it flares up.

I checked my tooth at at lunchtime - I don't know why I did that but I have just freaked myself out.
If it falls out due to gum disease there will be very little bleeding and a very minor hole. Think of like when a baby tooth falls out...
It's not likely to happen though :)
@Gordon Thank you for the reassurance, I had all sorts of horrible scenarios playing in my head, like what if it sort of fell out but not entirely and just dangled. I managed to make myself really panicky and feeling pretty sick.