What is Bite Adjustment



I am curious, first off, what do Dentists do when they give you a "Bite Adjustment?"

I called the dentists office, because a filling is a tad tender, and they said most likely the filling is too high.

Would they be doing a bite adjustment?


1. When the dentist tells me the filling is too high and they would adjust it, this is a bite adjustment, correct?

2. Now, what is a bite adjustment? What happens during a bite adjustment? Is it a long procedure?

3. Lastly, the dentist isn't going to have to re-do the entire filling, does he?

Thanks for any answers anyone can give me. :thumbsup:

Well those are the questions I have, and any type of answers would definitely be appreciated.

Thank you all for you time. :thumbsup:


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Jul 28, 2009
My understanding is a "bite adjustment" is adjusting the filling (read: grinding it with the drill) to make the teeth mate better.

My dentist and endo have me bite on a piece of what looks like carbon paper. I assume this transfers ink to the filling so they know where to grind. I'll then test the bite to see if it feels "high" (feels like biting on a sesame seed because the filling sticks up too much from the tooth) and he'll readjust until it feels right.

It may feel weird when the anesthetic is still active, so he can't always get it perfect and may need to do a bite adjustment later. Usually it's just a few minutes' work and doesn't need any more anesthetic.



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Jan 5, 2009
I have had a couple myself and I can promise you that a bite adjustment is super quick, super easy and totally painless. The dentist will just grind down a small portion of the filling (the part that is too high) with the drill. They do not need to do the filling again and they don't need to give you any LA because no part of your actual tooth will be touched. You'll feel so much better afterwards too!