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What is going on??? Help



Jan 20, 2020
united states
Okay. I'm freaking out.

What is going on in the extraction sites?

Upper/Lower wisdom tooth extraction... don't smoke and haven't been anywhere smokey, don't drink alcohol, been sleeping in a sitting position, eating foods like pudding, applesauce, scrambled eggs, so sticking to the recommended diet

Yet it looks like an alien is in my mouth.


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I feel like going to the ER? Or is this normal? I've never seen a blood clot like that one.
I should also add, I've been rinsing with a salt water solution. I mostly just tilt my head back and forth rather than swish, then I tip forward to let it fall out, and I gently spit once. I'm very careful not to spit or suck. so I don't know what that worm like gross alien thing is... I've looked online, and I can't find ANYTHING that even closely appears like that.
so, I joined the site "Just Answer" to ask an expert... and I spoke to an oral surgeon and showed him the pics.

He said while it looks creepy and gross, it's normal. Dry socket would have likely started hurting by now since we're going on 60 hours. (he said it normally happens 24 to 72 hours after extractions.)

So I guess I can not stress about it. I'm just going to stop looking at it lol
Hi MeaDrea, you seem to have been really stressed about this. Glad you found help in between. I know extraction sites can look really weird, but the only important thing is whether you are in pain or not. You are trying hard to keep to the aftercare instructions. Hope the surgeon on Just Answer told you: it is not necessary to sleep in an sitting position (unless you find it helpful for any other reasons), your extractions site won‘t get messed up if you sleep normally (impressive if you got some sleep like that anyway btw.)
My dentist told me to sit up for the first day or two, I'm thinking because of the sedative.

I have had a stressful week to begin with. My dog died the day before the procedure... then this looked gross, then my mom is in the hospital... I'm just freaking out in general

So sorry you are going through all that. and really sorry to hear of your dog dying the day before the procedure that is sooo hard and your mom in hospital then to have the pain and random weird looking healing in your mouth and thinking of having to sit up sleeping after all that... I think anyone would be having an extra difficult time dealing with all that.. I really hope you can get some good rest and be extra kind to yourself going through all this.
Thanks. I talked to my dentist this morning and he said what I'm likely seeing are the stitches. While they don't completely dissolve for some time, the process may have started. ?‍♀️
Glad you talked to your dentist this morning, and got some bit of reassurement what it might be.. that makes sense. .
Hi MeaDrea,

What you are seeing is definitely the stitches. My stitches looked the exact same and actually fell out before dissolving. Good luck on the healing process.