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What is normal for temp crowns?



Junior member
Aug 20, 2019
So I posted after my crown prep just yesterday but now I'm wondering what is normal when you have temp crowns in. I have them in right now on #2 and #15, both done in one visit both teeth were pretty decayed and worn down, #15 was cracked as well.

My jaw is achy but I expected that. I had hot coffee at IHOP this morning and it didn't hurt anything. I've been sleeping through the night just fine. My temp crowns are a little sensitive, like every now and then I feel a tiny twinge of what might be tooth nerve pain? But nothing like the pain I've heard described by people who needed root canals. No cold sensitivity I think, just the sensitivity of teeth next to the temp that need fillings pretty soon. If I clench my teeth there's a weird numbness for a few seconds in my mouth but nothing else other than jaw ache. I'm taking motrin every 5 or 6 hours or so, mostly because I'm nervous about the aches. Chewing is a tiny bit uncomfortable but definitely no shooting pain, the contact with my bottom teeth is normal and I mostly think that I'm chewing weird because I'm worried I'll do something to the temps. I can't really avoid them when eating because there's one on each back molar on the top. My biggest fear is that one or both of them needs a root canal that I cannot afford (I'm waiting on a loan to get the other cavities done and I can't afford a cascade of even more dental work here in America.)

Before the appointment the night before I had what felt like a sinus headache, the morning of I was in no pain. Had a heavy feeling in my face today but no symptoms from the crowned teeth, just slightly swollen gums around the temp with no heat and no discharge, not even completely sure they're swollen. Cleared up when I used a nasal spray and swished with salt water on the gums. Could the sinus headache be a result of grinding? Can I use a drugstore nightguard with temp crowns without damaging them? And can the sinus headache cause pressure and discomfort in my face and the other teeth in my mouth?

How often does a crown result in a root canal in a decayed tooth that never hurt before? And is it normal to have some discomfort and mild pain now and then with temp crowns a day or so after the procedure?
Grinding/clenching gives you a headache. Usually up into the temple area and down into the TMJ area.
Drugstore night guard should be fine with temp crowns.
Sinus pain can cause what feels like toothache over whole areas of your mouth.
Yes, some discomfort and mild pain is not unusual after crown preps.