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What is wrong when your tooth has pain when tapped?



Dec 26, 2009
Hi all!

I have posted on this board several times (thank you to everyone who has taken the time to answer!) and some of you may know my history by now. But...I have a totally unrelated question to the 2 RCs and extraction and gum problems I have been having on my upper and lower right.

So... as I am now super-paranoid about anything else going wrong, I tapped around my teeth with my fingernail, and unfortunately experienced a shooting pain sear through my lower-LEFT 2nd molar when tapped. I can't have any hot drinks at the moment (I have one of my RCs redone last night - it was so clear from the before and after x-rays that the original work was a mess), so I can't do the 'hot' test and I'm also eating very soft food.

I don't want to be bothering my new dentist unnecessarily (I only saw him yesterday), so my question before calling the surgery AGAIN is...

What does a shooting pain through the tooth when tapped indicate? The tooth feels every so slightly sensitive, and I can feel it a bit when I brush it with my electronic toothbrush. No blood when flossing. Could it be anything less sinister? Or is is likely I will need a RC or an extraction?

I'd be so grateful if a dentist on here could let me know before I contact mine!



Well-known member
Jan 28, 2008
Hi Bexr, I think I may have replied to a post of yours already saying that tapping teeth too often might not be a good idea for the health of the tooth. It doesn't feel too good to me when I do it just randomly. Do you think you tap them out of habit?