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What kind of toothpaste do you use? just for fun

  • Thread starter krlovesherkids777
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What kind of toothpaste do you use?

  • Parodontex

    Votes: 1 4.2%
  • Crest

    Votes: 3 12.5%
  • Colgate

    Votes: 10 41.7%
  • Aquafresh

    Votes: 1 4.2%
  • Toms

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Dentist rx w flouride

    Votes: 2 8.3%
  • Sensodyne

    Votes: 8 33.3%
  • Livfresh

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other?

    Votes: 2 8.3%
  • Oral-b Pro-Expert / Crest Pro-Health

    Votes: 2 8.3%

  • Total voters


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Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD
Wondering what does everyone use? just for fun.. I used to use sensodyne and Crest toothpast for sensitive gums.. but since finding Parodondex I've really come to like that . what is your favorite?
I used Sensodyne for the past few years up until last year. Then after my hygienist appointment last year I got a few samples of Colgate Total, and I've been using that ever since. My teeth feel less sensitive when I use this instead of Sensodyne.
I use colgate regular in the morning. I use Crest 3D at night, it cleans so well. Occasionally Sensodyne a week before my cleaning visit at the dentist.
Colgate Total all the way for me. I have tried Crest but had a really bad reaction to it (skin peeling inside my mouth, loss of taste for a few months, asthma) and since then I stick to tried and true products. Colgate has always been my go-to.
Colgate, the one which my dentists gives me on prescription, but to make this last longer, I also use Oral B
Colgate total here too (because it's my boyfriend's favourite brand and I'm too lazy to make a choice). @krlovesherkids777, you use Paradontax? How does it taste? Don't know how in US, but the taste here is very peculiar...
The taste really is amazing @Enarete it is the freshest like natural taste I tried the other crest gum sensitive toothpaste after and it was such a strong difference. after going to parodontex it really is a huge difference in the taste and even better texture. however if I was go do another it would be colgate too. I think Colgate has next best taste and is a solid brand too, I'd been using Colgate mostly for many years too.
That's interesting. The taste here is incredibly salty and the most people try it once and leave it there. There was a "milder" version on the market which my former boss in the dental practice told me about. She was ridiculing that version saying it would be even worse than the original one because not only the taste was worse but it was even impossible to get rid of it for the next half an hour. I went "no, that's not possible," because my boss exaggerated often. So she gave me a sample and I tried it out during lunch break... and she was right.. I ended up gagging for half an hour afterwards, much to the fun of my colleagues.

It's a while back and I see they expanded their product line so I may try it again. If it won't work, I will certainly try to grab one if I get to US :)

There is a new raw organic line of tooth pastes in the drug stores with fancy fruity taste. but I wasn't courageous enough to try it out.. guess using one brand for so long made me inflexible :grin:
lol that is tooo funny @Enarete because here is is just so fresh and pure mint tasting like it taste like less fillers and weird taste . It is so interesting the different tastes and even textures.
I use Colgate Sensitive and Colgate Total for sensitivity. One has Potassium Nitrate and one has Stannous Flouride and I alternate between them. It has done wonders for one of my deep fillings that I thought for sure would need a root canal after developing cold sensitive. It’s completely gone... at least for now!
I use Biomin C - it is the best for me so far, really good for sensitive teeth, and it is not tested on animals which is a must for me :)
I use Sensodyne in the morning and Clinpro 5000 by 3M at night, which is available with no prescription in Canada.
As I have no teeth anymore I didn’t worry much about toothpaste until I developed oral thrush after getting my permanent dentures. (I clean my dentures very well every day and just scrub my gums with a toothbrush and water) My dentist told me to make sure I brush my tongue so I figured I’d look for something that wasn’t too minty. I picked up a tube of Crest Strawberry toothpaste - I didn’t realize for about 3 days that it’s for kids :ROFLMAO: but it tastes great! No regrets!
I use Colgate Regular. I used Sensodyne because it was less foamy so I could see which areas I was missing better. However, I switched to Colgate after hearing about how abrasive Sensodyne is. I think I have practiced dry brushing enough not to miss any major areas.
Recently I switch to Crest Pro health. I feel my gums are healthier, and looks healthier. I also have much less plaque buildup as well.
Colgate sensitive repair and protect.

I have only just started to use it and quite like it so far.