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What oral sedative is safest to use in addition to valium?



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Oct 21, 2020
Hi I have complex PTSD with medical and dental phobia. I've let things get bad but now have forced myself to get an appointment to find out just how bad. I've talked with my primary Dr about what to medication might be best to use on top of my daily 2 mg of Valium twice a day. This is not her normal field as she usually tries to prescribe as little serious medication like this as possible I am trying to find additional information to bring to my Dr. I can't afford the out of pocket cost for iv sedation or laughing gas, the dental work is going to be bad enough, so unless the ghost of Ed McMahon shows up with a big fat check my only option is oral is my only option. I only want something to take during the treatment since I know these meds tend to make you quickly dependent and I'm already on 2 mg of valium. I admit if it was safer I would love something leading up to and after but I'm determined to deal with the emotional stuff as long as I know I will have extra help during actual work.

I'm in the US so Halcion is one possibility yet i see that Temazepam is an option. diphenhydramine Benadryl gives me involuntary movements and vocalizations so that is not an option. My Dr considered xanax and is leaning to halcion. She is waiting to prescribe after the dentist visit to get diagnosed and he estimates the # of visits that will be necessary. I and my family have a history of odd reactions to medications so she wanted me to test a partial dose at home with family before the actual treatment starts just to be on the safe side.
Would increasing your dose of Valium be an option for you? You're not likely to have an odd reaction to it and 2mg isn't much...

Halcyon isn't available in the UK, so I've no opinion on it. Temazepam generally works quite well, it's a shorter acting oral sedative, (relatively!) which is one of it's plus points, it has a similar mechanism of action as Diazepam, so shouldn't throw up any issues with your reactions.

Your last sentence horrifies me, I'd rather somebody had an odd reaction where I could deal with it not home with family :)
An extra 2mg of valium won't be enough for this level of fear unfortunately going from previous experience.

I really like the idea of a short acting medication. I think I can cope with the emotions leading up to and after the treatments as long as I have help when the work is actually being done. My biggest fear is starting to shake and cry during treatment so it makes it hard for them to do the work.

I've never had an allergic reaction to a medication, just a history of having the rare, unpleasant side effects that I just have to wait until it's out of my system. This might be why my Dr actually suggested this with whatever will be prescribed.

thank you for your reply.
I didn't say 2mg :) that's what you're already taking. You could take a fair bit more quite safely.
Sorry, didn't think about something stronger than just 2mg! I will discuss this option with my Dr. I still like the idea of the short acting ones that also might reduce the memory. When I normally face a event that is in my PTSD zone I have very sharp detailed recall of everything including the emotions. It would be nice if that was fuzzed enough that it does not reinforce the phobia

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