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What should extraction site look like?



Hi Everyone,

I just had my back molar extracted (#18) and its still a little tender!!! But, doable now. I had to quit taking the Percocets as they caused me to itch way too bad! I went to the pharmacist last night to pick up my refill, and I felt like a dog with fleas..... I was scratching the whole time I was talking to him! It was horrible! LOL! :rolleyes: So I obviously didnt pick up the refill. Im just taking Advil now. It works fine.

Anyway my question to you is, What is this "hole" supposed to look like? You know the hole the tooth came out of? Like in the front of the hole, there are a few stitches... then, like behind those stitches there is a white stuff - it looks like ... I dont know... its either pus or food that got stuck down in there. Can you help me? What would that be? I really dont want to call this oral surgeon and ask him. He isnt the easiest person to talk to - makes me feel really awkward! He's nice, but just..... weird! I dont know how to describe it.

I tried sort of touching the side of the area to see how sensitive it would be to touch, and if it were ok to the touch - I wouldve sorta dug at it to see if it would come out or whatever, but it was like touching a raw nerve... so I dont want to do that.

Any ideas?

What should I be doing as far as follow up care? I recieved NO follow up instructions. He told me yesterday when I called that I could start rinsing with Scope. I dont have Scope, I only have Listerine (cool mint) and I know what Listerine does, it STINGS!!!! Im afraid to do it, for fear it'll hurt so bad Ill pass out!

Thanks for listening!


It should look like a hole, with greyish brown tissue in the bottom of it. Hard to say if yours looks normal or not from here. :)
Post op care has been discussed here. For goodness' sake don't put Listerine anywhere near your mouth. Use a solution of warm salt water, about a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in it. Rinse gently and spit out the salt. Do this 24 hrs after the extraction or so.
Chlorhexidine mouthwash is good if you can get hold of it, it's only available on prescription in the USA I believe, can be bought in pharmacies in the EU.
Try to keep the area clean by gently brushing it after 24 hrs or so.
If you think you have some food stuck in the hole then you can try rinsing it out with some salt water, but try and be gentle.


Don't use listerine or Scope. They have alcohol in them and can dry your gums out causing healing to take longer. :(

The white stuff on top is fine. If it becomes painful or if your gums swell and the white stuff turns pea green then call the dentist. Otherwise it will heal on it's own. The white stuff is acting kind of like a barrier but if it starts to cause bad breath just swish with a little peroxide in water 1/3 peroxide to 2/3 water..

Do not smoke and no straws for a while. After the 2nd or 3rd week they gave me a squirter that would help me rinse food particles out of the holes...

Take care :grouphug: