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What would you do? Non painful Issue while Abroad



Jan 17, 2016
Hi All--

I've come a long way since I first started posting around here and if I was home I think I could handle most things. I've just landed in Dublin for a month long work assignment and have noticed what I assume is a new hard white lump on my gum. It is below a tooth that had a bad cavity and was recently filled. This makes me thing it could be an abscess. But, I am not in any pain and I've been traveling with no sleep for 48 hours so I wonder if it is just some stress thing. Would you visit a dentist abroad or wait it out until you got home?

Dublin should have good dentists around. Give it a day or two to see how it heals. I might suggest doing some salt water rinses in case it is an infection - that might help it to kill the bacteria and heal up. If you're not in pain and it's not getting worse (like you're developing a fever), you should be okay to wait.