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When can I use an electric toothbrush



Well-known member
Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk

Really sorry too keep asking questions but when can I start using my electric toothbrush again ( tooth extraction was done Wednesday about two not sure as I was under GA) have been brushing with a normal brush but I can feel them not clean and I don’t like it at all .
I know I need to make sure my gums heal but it’s a bit much sensory wise .
My electric toothbrush is a bit powerful but I was thinking would a children one be okay for a few weeks ?
I know it’s only been a few days but it’s been a lot for me too handle .


Now if you want. An adult one is fine, just don't stick it in the sockets!
@Gordon thanks .

I’ve started drinking hot drinks again but no straw just yet but I’m making sure the coffee is cool first. Also when can I eat normal? Should I just stick with soft foods until it’s been at least a week ?
I do have an appointment with a dentist on Wednesday, so hopefully they can let me know the progress.

Thanks I have ordered a child’s toothbrush electric one just because am worried still incase I disrupt the clots as I have four.
Nah, just go ahead and eat and drink what you want. You won't do any harm. Ditto the clots, they'll be starting to break down now anyway.
@Gordon thanks very much really been struggling a lot .
Will start off small though as I’ve been scared too eat .