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Where do I start after so long and so much fear?



Junior member
Feb 2, 2017
Hi everyone, first time writing about this but I've reached and end point and don't know what to do. I've been scared of the dentist for as long as I can remember, scared of the pain, not knowing what's going on and more recently embarrassed of the state my teeth are in.
I'm beyond terrified at the thought of going to the dentist but having recently snapped a front tooth completely and after trying to sleep this evening with a "twinging" molar I realise something needs to give.
The problem I have is where to start. Few years ago I tried start the process and went to local dentist advertised as being kind to phobia. They were nice but said due to agitation they recommended sedation. They don't do it so recommended me to another clinic. After having one initial appointment the fear got to me and Im ashamed of say I didn't turn up for next appointment. After some time I tried again but sedation clinic said they needed referral now... I feel like I've burned my bridges there and simply don't know where to turn to get treatment... Im too scared to even sit in the chair without tears streaming.
I know the world will most likely result in full or full/partial dentures and that level of work terrifies me.
Where do I start and would the dentist even understand this level of fear and pure embarrassment that I've let it get this far?

Desperate for any advice or support


Super Moderator
Jun 24, 2012
Welcome to the forum. :)

The answer is, you've already started. Just by posting here, you've acknowledged the problem needs addressed, and that's a good first start.

I also had a nice dentist and work planned, then stopped going because I lost my nerve. It's not uncommon, and fighting a phobia can be really hard, so don't blame yourself. Years later, I did go and I got through it, and it wasn't actually as bad as it was in my head. Our imaginations can be our worst enemies.

You can start by getting yourself seen by phobic-friendly first for an assessment. There are options like sedation, which loads of people here swear by, and even general anasthetic for extractions, which is how I got through my extractions.

Any dentist should be able to refer you to the sedation clinic, so don't worry about burned bridges. The options available to you before are still available now.

Hang in there :) :hug4: