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White Coat Hypertension



Junior member
Apr 12, 2022
Banning, CA
I have an old infected molar with a root canal that needs to be extracted. I want IV sedation but my blood pressure at the dentist was off the charts. Normal BP is 120/80 or less, BP at oral surgeon was 234/116. I need to get rid of this tooth because I have a hip replacement and can't mess around with infected teeth. What can I do before the appointment to bring my pressure down?
If your OS is happy with it, then a premed of some sort might be the answer.
It's too bad he didn't suggest it. He started talking about sleep apnea (that I don't have) and he was more worried about my blood pressure while I was sleeping than when I was awake. This was after I told him my blood pressure is normal during the day. So then, he wants to talk to my Cardiologist, which I don't have and I can't get an appointment because of the backlog from Covid. There should be a speciality class for dentists about this issue because it's a common occurrence.
I would be interested in what the final solution is. This something I battle too. I seriously panic at the sight of a BP cuff. Doctors appear to be clueless how to resolve it. I have refused to allow my dentist's office to take my BP. They don't like my refusal, but I fear their reaction when they see my BP.
You'd be leaving my surgery without treatment then I'm afraid...
Had a close friend who had a patient have a fatal stroke on the way home from an appointment. He had a very sticky time because at the time taking BP wasn't considered mandatory for doing IV sedation and he hadn't done it. Led to him retiring early and he never really got over it.