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White dot in the middle of the blood clot



Junior member
Sep 18, 2013
Hi, I had my lower right wisdom tooth removed a week ago exactly and it looks like its been doing really well. I wanted to make sure it healed quickly so I have been eating only liquids like soups and stuff. I have been drinking lots of water, rinsing with warm salt water 4 times a day, rinsing with my antibacterial rinse twice a day, they gave me antibiotics which I finished today. So far everything looks good and they told me that my pain would last a bit longer than normal because my wisdom tooth came in horizontally. My question is that the blood clot is still there but it looks like its sinking into the hole in my mouth and also after rinsing I looked at it and there was a tiny white dot in the middle or on top of the blood clot. Just wondering if that is normal. I don't think I have dry socket because my pain is managed with advil and my prescription pain meds at night. I can't take the prescription ones during the day because I work and they make me sick if I am not laying down or sitting the whole time. Any insight would be very helpful thank you.
When I had my lower right wisdom out I had the same thing. I was 100% convinced I had an infection so went back to the OS. They told me that everything was fine and this was apart of the healing process. Eventually it all turned white (like a white film) and then gum started to fill in. I'd say, as long as you don't have any pain, pus or smell coming from it, it is normal.
I still have pain but they said that was to be expected and there is no bad smell, my gums are pink around it and everything. My molar that is next to the site has some white tissue around the base of it but I assume that is from being disturbed and irritated during the removal of the other one because they were pushing on each other. It seems that it is filling in because the blood clot looks like its disappearing inside the whole and the opening of the whole seems to be getting smaller. Thank you for your answer it helps to know that I am not the only one that had a weird dot on top of the blood clot. :)