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White material around wisdom teeth extraction sites?



Junior member
Jun 11, 2018
Hello everyone, first post here. I keep googling on this subject as I’m so paranoid and all results take me to this forum so I figured I could reach out to you all and ask for help. I recently got all four wisdom teeth removed and on the bottom two I have noticed a white substance surrounding the extraction site. It does not appear to be pus as it does seem semi-solid, but I do not see a dark red clot, just the white substance and my sutures, which are dissolvable. It has been 5 days, is this normal? Will it go away? Can I still brush the sides of my gums where the tooth is in front of the extraction site or is it a bad idea to brush this substance? So confused as to what it could be as it was my first time ever getting teeth pulled and I’m not sure what a dry socket looks like.


Junior member
Mar 6, 2018
I had a molar removed a few months ago. I believe the white stuff is granular tissue which aids in the healing of the extraction site. I had this and it has all healed fine :)