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White material near extraction/implant site.



Junior member
Sep 15, 2010
Hi all,
Last Thursday I had all 4 wisdom teeth plus a premolar extracted + implant inserted under general anaesthesia. I’ve got stitches placed from the extracted tooth all the way up the front of my gum. Ever since I got home Thursday afternoon I noticed a soft-ish white material along one side of the extraction area, down the side of the neighbouring tooth. I called my surgeon the other day and was told it’s probably tissue, was just wondering how long it would be there and if it “falls off”? Also the gum right at the top of the area is swollen and feels like it pulls (which is probably the stitches as well), how long should I give it before the swelling goes down?
Sorry for such a wordy post.
Call your surgeon back and ask for more information, it's not possible to answer this without a lot more information, which they already have...
The white stuff has begun to fall off, but seems like it's hanging on by a stitch that's there and dangling quite long. I've called my surgeon & have an app. tomorrow morning.