White Spots and Patches?



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Sep 22, 2019
I mentioned this last year - the presence of white pindots on my gums, almost exclusively on the upper left portion of my gums.

Over the past 5 or 6 months, I have tremendously improved my oral hygiene habits. I floss twice daily (I didn't floss all my life, up until recently), I drink maybe one soda a week instead of one a day, I brush twice a day (at night with an Oral-B electric toothbrush), and overall make my teeth and gum health a priority. That said - I still have these dots/patches.

This morning upon waking up, I went to brush my teeth before having my first cup of coffee (black). I noticed a white-ish patch between my incisor and the front tooth, on the upper left quadrant of my mouth. I brushed at it (gently, I thought) with a soft bristled brush, and the white patch seemed to very slightly lessen, but also the gumline had a bit of blood on it. Which is highly unusual for me, these days. I didn't spit any blood out, and it wasn't actively bleeding. It was just a red blood dot at the gumline.

I'm not really sure what to think about these white dots and patches, nor that gum issue from this morning. I've brought the dots up in the past to my dentist and he didn't seem concerned, though he never told me what they are. I never mentioned the white patches I notice, because I'm unsure if they're a figment of my mouth-focused health anxiety.

For supporting information, I'm 26, don't smoke, drink vodka maybe once a week, brush/floss, and am not overweight. I had some fillings done about 2 weeks ago on the upper front teeth, and I asked my dentist for a follow-up opinion on the state of my gums. He said they were significantly better; almost like an entirely new mouth (granted, my teeth/gums were never too severely out of shape).

In the attached photo I circled the area with the dots, white patch(es), and the papilla between those teeth where the issue happened this morning. Any insight would be appreciated. I've been stressed all day about this.


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Aug 24, 2019
In the photo they look like Fordyce spots to me which are entirely normal.

Bleeding at the gun line probably just means there’s been a bit of plaque you’ve missed, keep up the brushing and flossing and it’ll probably settle :)