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White stuff in extraction site came out Help please??



Junior member
Aug 19, 2014
8 days ago I had 5 upper teeth extracted 2 were wisdom and upper partial put in. I have a inmense fear of dentists..but I did it and survived.
Last night the white stuff came out one extraction site and hole looks kinda big,,I'm SCARED!!! Is this normal??! Am I safe from dry socket 8 days later???

I can't go back to dentists BC I don't have one..I'm in NYC and I went to south Carolina for all this dental work. They didn't tell me what to expect after extractions.
I'm tired if worrying :(Ty


Junior member
Jul 12, 2014
I had white stuff come out mine and I was ok :) I think u should b ok. Just monitor for pain and if it gets worse you know you have an issue but iv heard white is granulation stuff n it means it's healing. Try not to worry, easier said than done