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White stuff in extraction site?



Nov 17, 2013
Okay so I got my two top wisdom teeth pulled out 4 days ago one was completely out and the other was partially out when I got them pulled.The one that was partially out was tougher to remove than the other but neither required stitches. It is now day four and I am experiencing little to no pain in either extraction but the one that was partially out still feels a little swollen and the cheek still feels a little numb . I have been rinsing with warm salt water after every meal and haven't really eaten anything to tough mainly soups/noodles/mashed potatoes etc. I haven't noticed any food getting stuck in the holes but today when I went to check I noticed some white stuff growing inside the extraction site in the hole of the tooth that required more work to get out but nothing in the other I rinsed with salt water and it didn't come out is it food or????Also the cheek around the extraction site on both sides keeps getting dry is that odd???


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

The white stuff in the hole is graduation tissue and is a sign that you are healing it is normal and you want to see it there. You sound as if you are doing everything correctly and healing well.

If you do get pain or a bad taste do contact your dentist. But at the moment you sound good. I am not a dentist by the way. :butterfly: