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White stuff in extraction site?



Junior member
Jun 9, 2021
It is day 6 of wisdom tooth recovery and I want to say 2 days ago I suddenly noticed white stuff in one of my holes. I thought it was food at first but no matter how much I rinse my mouth out it won't come out. When I run my tongue over it it tastes salty and feels grainy. I can move it and some particles I could actually get out with my tongue. I tried to move more out but can't get it all out. I really don't know if it's food that filled up the whole hole and is just really compacted in so it won't come out or if it's the granulation tissue I've read about?? Idk if i should just leave it alone or keep trying to get it out, I'm just worried if it is food it will get infected or something from being stuck in their for so long, but I am afraid to keep messing with it if it is just the tissue.


Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Hi it won't get infected from food. But it sounds as if it's more likely to be tissue, anyway - there can be lots of funky colour changes during the healing process. If you're fairly sure it is food, and it's really annoying you, you could try a dental irrigation syringe with a curved blunt plastic end (they look like this: