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White stuff in my extraction site!



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Sep 4, 2015
Hi. I had 4 lower teeth removed on the right side of my mouth yesterday. After I cleaned my mouth with salt water for the first time today, I noticed a gummy looking white substance over all of the sites.I haven't done more than run my tongue gently over them once to see if the substance come off. Part if it moved in one of them but immediately went back in place. I'm afraid to rinse again because I don't know what these are. Please help.
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Hi :welcome: to the forum.

The white stuff is normal and a good sign that you are healing normally. You want the white stuff I think it is called granulation tissue or something that sounds like that. Carry on rinsing and follow the aftercare instructions. :butterfly:
Thank you so much. I was very worried about this. I didn't know what to think. Thank you
You are most welcome, anytime :butterfly: