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Why did dentist not adjust high crown?

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Feb 11, 2024
I had a crown fitted by a new NHS dentist in December. Right bottom molar back tooth. They put it in and I could immediately tell it was way too high and told them expecting the dentist to adjust it even a little. They said it would be better if it settled on its own. I asked how long this would take and they said about 1-2 weeks. It was extremely uncomfortable as it was the ONLY tooth making contact with the tooth above.

I endured the uncomfortable crown for close to 3 week unable to eat properly and started also to get jaw stress on the same side, so I knew this was not good. It settled down but I was frustrated as it was over the Christmas holidays.

Fast forward to this week, I was eating something crunchy and the crown came off!! I am not happy. I am both annoyed at the experience and also anxious in general at visiting dentists. I built up the courage to contact the surgery to book appointment and will see them on Tuesday (5 days since it came off) so have been eating on one side.

If a crown is made incorrectly or high, is it standard for them not to adjust it so it is at least somewhat comfortable before you leave the surgery? I have the crown but I think it maybe damaged, so I will most likely have to get another one made. But I'm concerned they'll just screw up the crown prep again? What should I do?
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