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Why do dentures look better than crowns?



Dec 14, 2020
new york
Hi, I have a relative who has dentures and they are beautiful. You would never, ever know. They look entirely real and she has always been very comfortable wearing them. My question: Why can't they make dental crowns that look as natural as good dentures? Thank you.
Hi champ,

Not a dentist here, but, from my experience there are many options of crowns. From metal, to porcelain bonded to cosmetic matched ones. And it depends on skill and cost. I know I was given a choice of a very cosmetic and aesthetically matched crown to my teeth. It was a process that I was told I would have to go to a dental lab for photos and colour matching etc. For a more natural looking one. Mine was on a back molar so I opted for the porcelain bonded one as it was unlikely to be seen. So I think what I’m saying is there are more advanced options out there. But maybe need specialists and the cost often reflects that.
What Molar_bear said ?. A lot of it is down to the dentist's skill and training, the skill of the lab technician, and the materials used. All of this tends to come at a cost.

It sounds from your previous posts as if you dislike the look of your current crowns, so if or when the time comes to replace them, it might be worth finding someone who is very skilled in this, especially if you can't find people who can give you personal recommendations (such as your relative with the beautiful dentures?). Prosthodontists have additional training in this area, so if you can't get personal recommendations, you could try a search for prosthodontists in your area and have a look at their websites.