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Why is EVERY aspect of going to the dentist so stressful???



Junior member
May 26, 2019
North Carolina
Guys, I just yesterday worked up the courage to have my first dental appt. in years. It took me months after I decided to go to work up the courage to even call and make an appointment. I cried the rest of the day.
I got to the appointment and the dentist was so extremely attentive. I really want to like him. He noticed I was trembling and tearing and asked if I was afraid. He kindly handed me a Kleenex. He tried to assure me I would feel no pain, but I kept feeling his pokes on my gums after novacain. He ended up giving me three rounds of shots. I think part of what went wrong is due to the fact it took a good 20-30 minutes of the numbing before he began. He squeezed in a whopping 4 fillings as they were all close. I made it through, and I was so proud of myself!!! I had done it and he was so nice! Then I went home and looked in the mirror....
I hate it. He gave me amalgum fillings. I didn’t think to ask for otherwise, I know this is my fault. Now I am unable to sleep for two days as I am thinking about the mercury leeching into my system. I am so upset. I thought this would be a good experience, now I continue to be anxious though it’s all over. I don’t know how to talk to him about this or if I should go to another dentist completely. I am devestated. I hate looking at my teeth. I want them out as soon as possible but I feel there has been irreversible damage as I know a larger portion of tooth must be removed for amalgum. Not to mention one was very close to a nerve and he put a metal filling there. I feel I will be sensitive forever now to hot and cold as metal is more conductive than composite types.
So so upset I just can’t stop crying off and on. ;(((

Very glad your dentist was capable of treating you tenderly and carefully.
You were badly surprised to see the amalgam filling and surely he should have asked you beforehand.
However, in my view, amalgam filling is by far better than the composite. It has a bad public reputation but i am certain that almost every dentist would choose to have an amalgam filling in their mouth, by far.
In short, I choose to defend your dentist’s decision to use amalgam but you should have been informed beforehand.
My dentist has also told me that she favors amalgam for it’s durability nonetheless, she respects my right to choose the composite for esthetic reasons.
@Plsdontmakemeadult this is not your fault! This should have been communicated to you in advance. My dentist always asks me which type of filling I want prior to the procedure and is part of the process of giving informed consent. If you are not comfortable speaking with the dentist directly, perhaps you could email or write them a letter expressing your concern and see what they can do. I too would be very unhappy if I were in your position.

I would be shocked and shook a bit too with this surely. Which teeth did he put them on? When my son recently went for fillings I asked the dentist before just in case as I didn't prefer him to have Amalgam, especially near to the front. My dentist said he had not used them in so many years but I do remember him saying something about insurance liking to want to only cover amalgam on certain surfaces or fillings so it maybe something insurance wise/financial wise the office does to make it less expensive for them or you , but this totally should have been discussed . I hope they can help you with this somehow !
@krlovesherkids777 the insurance piece is true and I did have to pay extra because I opted for composite on my last filling.
I also have just one amalgam filling for a back lower molar it’s been well over 35 years in my mouth and knock wood I have never ever had any issues with it health wise or other.