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Why oral surgeon after root canal!?



Junior member
Jun 29, 2016
Yikes! My dentist referred me to oral surgeon prior to crown placement. Should I stay or should I go? This seems way much more frightening than the root canal.
Why are you being referred to an OS ? I

Is your own dentist doing the rct ?

It could be that the dentist wants to make sure that the canals are clean and that the rct is okay and that there is no infection left if that was the reason why you are having a rct.

Don't be afraid of seeing an OS they aren't scary they usually have more experience and knowledge about our mouth. They are very nice, just like seeing your dentist really. :butterfly:
Well, dentist referred me to endodontist to do root canal and then endo referred me back to dentist. He (dentist) wants me to see oral surgeon before crown can be placed. My fear is that I'll need surgery on gums or area around tooth first. I cannot even begin to entertain the idea of having any kind of mouth surgery. I'll never make it. And then the aftermath of it all, healing, etc.??? Thx for help!
Oh I wouldn't worry it is just to see that the rct is okay before your dentist puts a crown on it. If something needs doing it is best to correct it now rather than having to drill through a brand new crown.

OS sounds intimidating but it isn't, try not to worry it isn't going to be as bad as you think. Has the dentist said there is a problem? :butterfly:
I found out that it is a periodontist I'm referred to and procedure needed is called crown lengthening. My understanding is that there's not sufficient tooth surface to attach crown. I wonder how long my tooth can go with this temp filling? I can't fathom going in willingly for surgery.
I see that helps a lot. I haven't had the crown lengthening but plenty of people will be able to come and help you with what is involved.

The tooth will go for quite a while with the temp filling and if it did come out or loose than go back to your dentist as soon as possible and he can quickly and easily pop another one in. You will be okay, surgery sounds scary but a rct is surgery and you were okay having that done :grouphug::grouphug::butterfly:
Thank you for telling me that butterflysmiley .... I'm glad to hear it can go for a while with temp filling. Makes me feel less urgent.