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Why there are no better alternative to root canals in north America?



Junior member
Apr 23, 2022
I had a bad experience with last dentist. I stopped seeing dentist for seven years because of this abusive practice which I believe is epidemic because government unwittingly rewards this. I observed that she is obsessed with root canal treatment for every tooth treatment that did not hurt in any way. First she start grinding with drill, capping and then root. Fortunately I lost only three teeth before I realized it. Unfortunately, I am left with a broken tooth with possible root exposed. It needs to be treated and done properly this time. So I searched for root canal alternatives. Amazingly I found out that King's College of London have a regenerative method that restores nerve and dentine using Tideglusib. Furthermore, TU of Berlin , they can make your tooth cavity grow a complete new tooth. Talking about King's college, they no longer teach root canals but regenerative method. Their method is almost 10 years old. Does anyone knows or practice himself/herself this alternative method in U.K., Canada or Germany? How do I trace their students who are in practice after graduation?
Hi toothbell, first of all, sorry to hear that you've had bad experiences with your previous dentist. In some countries, certain reimbursement systems can encourage overtreatment. It sounds as if you suspect that this has happened to you.

I think that the information you came across while googling is incorrect. King's College most certainly teach root canal treatment. In fact, they offer a 3 years MSc in Endodontics (root canal treatment):

The treatment you came across is an experimental treatment which is not offered in general dental practice, as not enough is known about potential side effects. Perhaps you can see if there are any clinical trials that you can take part in - that would be about your only option to avail of this treatment! But in the short term, the best option may be to look for a dentist/endodontist you can trust. We've put together some pointers here:

You can find out more about root canal treatment here:


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