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Will an abscess go permanently after antibiotics?



Junior member
Sep 16, 2020
I went to the dentist who said i had an abscess above one of my backteeth due to a filling being too deep and slowly killing the nerve. She put me on a round of antibiotics which has gotten rid of it, but she told me i would need a root canal or possible removal of the tooth to finish it off, but i was wondering how often would this abcess come back and if i could just keep taking antibiotics when it does?
The only way to get the infection totally out is to have the root canal or extract the tooth. If you keep taking antibiotics, you could build antibiotics resistance and will then need to take stronger antibiotics for potentially longer times. As for how often it would come back, it’s hard to tell, it’s different for everyone.
In addition to what geos wrote: once there is an abscess inside the tooth’s canals, the blood supply stops and antibiotics not the immune system can get inside the tooth. That is why we need a dentist to deal with the source of the infection.