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Will an infection affect my upcoming extractions?



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Apr 16, 2008
Illinois, USA
I have some sort of infection in my upper right molar (it is about 80% broken to the gumline) I have a pimple-like swelling that has a pus filled center. It is swollen a bit, but doesn't cause me too much pain.
My question is should I tell my dentist about this before my Oct. 8th extraction date?? I don't really relish an extra appointment, but if it is soemthing that needs to be cleared up before my extractions, I guess I will have to.
Any help or advice will be appreciated!!
Thanks in advance,
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I would go before the appointment and just see if you can get some anti-biotics...unless you live in a country where you can get them over the counter.
If you have an infection the LA may not work so well so best get it cleared up.
You might give them a call to see what they would like you to do whether to take antibiotics or not before your appointment as sometimes the abscess certainly can interfere with the anesthetic. In some cases it's not a big problem.
Thanks, Zzzdentist, and littlestar88! You guys are confirming what I kind of already thought -- call my dentist!! Right after I post this, I will call his office to see what he thinks.
Thanks again,