Will be Toothless for at least a Year



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May 11, 2015
Hey everyone!

My best friend in the entire world has been suffering from cracked and decaying teeth for years now and is finally having them (all of them!) removed next week. I wouldn't be so nervous, except he's not getting any dentures done until a full year after the surgery! We share most of our meals, and I'm more than willing to eat what he is capable of eating during the next year. I was wondering if anyone had any creative ideas about how to keep his palate interested, while still maintaining safety for him while everything heals (and afterwards). We bought a juicer, as well as a Magic Bullet blender. He is not crazy about soups with noodles in them, chicken, or puddings.

Thank you everyone in advance for your help! :respect:


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Mar 11, 2015
You are true friend. I'm glad he has someone like you at his side during that time. :)

Why isn't he getting anything for a whole year?

Too bad he is not fan of soups because those can be prepared on so many ways. Look into pastas if prepared
to be very soft it is great since you can do wonders with it(its all I eat these days). Since it is very limited
look into many different recipes even look for those less known from different countries/cultures. Year is
a long time so try to balance it out so you guys don't get bored with eating same food over and over again
to a point you get sick of it.

On special note: you guys must try popara it is easy to make and even easier to eat.

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