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Will I lose my teeth if they are missing calcium and enamel?



Nov 25, 2020
My dental journey continues . I got X Rays , orthopantomatic and a dental scan done . There were some zones on my teeth that looked weird so I got two X rays done . My dentist examined them carefully and concluded I am low on calcium and my teeth are missing enamel . What does this mean for my teeth ? She said I should take supplements . Any of you has ever been through this situation and did
you manage to fix it ? Am I at risk of losing my teeth ?

also my deepest filling still bothers me when I chew and it’s been 3 months . My dentist got an X Ray of the tooth in question , and said the nerve is alive and the tooth looks fine . She said maybe I should give it more time to heal . I am very worried . What do you think about this ? Is she right ?

I am exhausted by my constant struggle with teeth issue . Any suggestion is deeply appreciated