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Will this extraction be worse than the last? (warning, x-ray pictures in post)



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Jul 9, 2022
Hi. My question is I had two wisdom teeth extracted and it wasn't that bad, even with a cracked lingual plate. This is the side pictured where one is lying on it's side. I now have to get the other side done and I am starting to worry because I believe it will be a "partial bony extraction" of the lower. I wonder if I should expect this to be a lot worse, more painful, or harder to recover from? This is the side pictured where the lower one is upright. I keep hearing wisdom tooth removal can be really bad and I am wondering if I just got away easy one time, but this time will be horrible. Thank you.X05215_6.jpgX05215_5.jpg
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Unfortunately, you just can't tell in advance with wizzies, ones that look simple can be horrible afterwards and vice versa, but given you were OK last time then I'd hope for the best this time too.
@Gordon Thanks for answering Gordon! Good to know.