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Will this implant fail? Any dentist able to assist?



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Oct 8, 2017

I've gotten a dental implant with my dentist about one month ago. It's healing well. Gum looking healthy too. But I noticed something as I was looking thru the xray that was taken right after the implant. I didn't notice it before till I zoom in on it.

Is it me or part of the implant facing the second molar seems to be above the bone? Shouldn't it looks like it's totally under the bone? Not too sure if that's normal.

Dentist did say that as the placement of the implant is closer to the second molar, hence I'll need to really clean that area well. I opt for the guided dental implant with surgical guide but as my mouth space is too tight, with the surgical guide and handpiece over it, the dentist had a hard time finding the right spot before drilling as I couldn't open wide enough.

Really afraid that this is gonna result the implant to fail. Anyone able to read xray and have knowledge on implant able to help? Any dentist?


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@AngelCatMei Just in case it is any use, I was able to get an opinion specifically on the placement of my implant on Denteractive. I was concerned about the bone around it. They have a $10 emergency chat with a dentist service that I used. Hope you get the information you need and everything is OK!
@NervousUSA hi! Thanks for your recommendation. I just sent them a message with my xray. Do you mind if I look at your xray too? Looks like we're both concern about bone issues.
@AngelCatMei Hopefully you can get advice from them. Here is my picture. I hope it helps. Possibly pertinent information: I had a separate surgery to have the healing cap put on, so there is not one on the implant in this picture. This implant is 4.6x9 mm. I was just told by an orthodontists assistant last week, who was looking at my xray, that my implant is very large. My dentist told me he wanted me to have the largest one possible. I had sought advice from denteractive because during my cone beam/planning appointment I was put in a room while the dentist and his assistant looked at my cone beam xray together and I overheard the assistant say the words "implant" and "there's so little bone" which concerned me. Hope this is useful to you and you can get the information you need.

Dental Xray Implant (Implant only).jpg
@NervousUSA yours definitely looks much more better than mine. Mine was 10mm in length but I'm not sure if mine is 4.3 or 4.5 x 10mm, which is about the same as yours. Your bone is looking really healthy too, not sure why the dentist will say that there's too little bone as it looks quite similar to mine, except that your implant was planted really well, at least that's what I feel.

I think as long as you're not in pain or any discomfort, you should be fine! Don't worry about it ☺️
@AngelCatMei Thanks for the reassurance. I never found out why that assistant said "there is so little bone" the next thing that happened is the dentist came in the room and told me everything looked good, which was weird. What I can tell you is I think implants look different at different angles in xrays. I have seen mine on a panorama xray too, I don't have a copy, and for some reason on that type of xray it looks about twice as large as in the xray I posted here, paler, and much closer to my other teeth. Much more like your xray. Yours might look different from a different angle too. The opinion I got on my bone from Denteractive was it looked ok but the dentist said she couldn't tell for sure without seeing in 3D like the cone beam. I think it might be OK for your implant to have not gone in as far as mine. The reason why is my dentist said at my implant surgery that I might end up needing a healing cap, which I guess would mean that it would not have gone in as far. I asked him what would decide that, and he told me the reason would be how much torque he could get on the implant. So maybe if they can't get as much force on the implant they can't get it in as far? My dentist put a large mouth prop in my mouth so I had it open painfully wide the whole surgery, and also painfully gripped my jaw while working, so I think he must have been able to have a lot of access and force. Hope this information is of some use to you.