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wisdom success



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Oct 18, 2007
South Carolina
Hey all,

I got all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth out today with i/v sedation. I am still wondering what i was so nervous about because it was easy:cheers: The sedation guy came out and talked to me some, then I went back with him. When we went into the room, i started looking at the tools laying out and he told me that I don't need to look over there no need to see the tools, which probably saved me a whole lot of freaking out:)They gave me a blanket, then he said that were going to go ahead and get the hard part, the i/v overwith. He injected a small amount of local anesthetic in my arm with such a small needle that I didn't feel anything before starting the i/v. I remember feeling queasy for a second, then felt good... then I was in the car on the way home done:cheers:

So anyone thats going in for it... theres nothing to worry about;)
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I'm glad you were able to go through with it! The surgeon sounds really nice and I'm glad the IV worked well for you. I remember sitting in the recovery room afterwards but nothing before that.
Great news :jump::party::cheers:and a syringe you didn't feel either....goodbye needle phobia maybe?
Fantastic!! :) - well done you!

Your description sounds just like the way wizzie removal should be.

Let the pampering commence!
Well done mikey :jump::jump: :jump:- great to hear everything went so well :cheers:!!
I'm not sure why it has such a bad rep...its only actually been painful lastnight but all the other time its just slightly sore.:cheers:
I'm not sure why it has such a bad rep...

Me neither... and I was awake (with just Valium) and actually remember everything - it wasn't bad at all. I think some people just love to tell horror stories :)
Congrats Mikey :jump:

I,m sooo scared of dental procedures, and i know that i deffo need sedation...and have developed a 'fixation' with iv' stories(needing to know every possable detail) LOL

Sounds like good stuff ;)

Thanks for sharing

And very well done! :respect:

Gilly :cheers:
Well done! Im glad it was not as bad as you thought! Im on the countdown to have mine out now.....4 days to go! I have been fine about it until this morning the hospital rang and started asking me all these questions and telling me they are sending me a 'special' sponge I have to shower with on the morning of surgery!
I pray it goes how yours went, over before you know it!
I also had IV sedation last week for a wisdom tooth pulled and a molar pulled. I loved the IV sedation and would definitely reccomend it to anyone, can't wait to do:jump::cheers: it again.
sooooooo proud of you!
I have to go in and have a fractured tooth extracted tomorrow, I am having IV sedation and am absolutely terrified, but with that said I am so happy to read positive results from everyone hopefully by this time tomorrow everything will be done and dusted
You will do just fine sally65 I am treatment phobic and just had 7 teeth out with local and a whiff off happy air! This morning got out of dentists at 10am so with sedation you will float though it, all the best xx:clover: