Wisdom Teeth Advice: Local Anesthesia/NO only

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Dec 30, 2021
Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone could share their experience having impacted wisdom teeth removed while awake (no IV sedation, just local anesthesia or NO)? I really want to avoid sedation if possible but I'm afraid it will be traumatic if I stay awake. Please share any success stories you had going this route! Also, did anyone have a dentist/surgeon who used the Wand anesthesia delivery system?


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Jan 2, 2022
Hi! I just had two removed 3 days ago, and my other two were removed 2 months ago, all with just local anaesthesia.

Honestly, the only discomfort I had was from the needle but it's more like a sharp pain that immediately dulls, so it was OK. I had inflamed gums as well from another condition so it was worse for me than would be for most people, but even so, virtually no pain. Your lips and tongue go numb in a few minutes and it feels weird, but you can still swallow and be fine. They should check with you to make sure you feel nothing.

For my less impacted top teeth, both were out in under a minute. Super fast and didn't really feel anything. The bottom teeth were more of a struggle, basically you do feel a lot of tugging and pressure on the lower jaw as they extract the tooth, but absolutely no pain. These took around 1-2 minutes but still very fast. The stitches for the bottom teeth feel weird but not painful, you kind of feel the sensation of movement through the gum but it's dulled and again no pain.

I was very nervous before, but it really was not too bad being awake. I kept my eyes closed the whole time, and all I really felt was quite a lot of pressure but no pain. Being able to go home within 45 minutes was a really big bonus! I did not take painkillers either, just ice. So I was really pleased.

The best thing is to let your dentist know what you are really nervous about, they are really accommodating these days and they will chat with you beforehand.
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