Wisdom teeth blood clot help



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Jul 2, 2016
I just had wisdom teeth surgery on all four of my wisdom teeth 2 days ago. Everything was going fine until yesterday, I was bleeding all day where one of my tooth was extracted. I kept forming these huge blood clots that covered my entire back lower molar, just completely covering the tooth right next to one of my wisdom teeth that was extracted. It's just a giant dark red gummy mess covering my whole back tooth. I've removed it before and I just started bleeding again. I'm afraid if I remove it again this time, I'll start bleeding again or I'll get a dry socket. I don't think I have any symptoms of dry socket because there is little to no pain and I got a bigass clot. It looks like the clot is over my molar and not over the stitches. It's pretty bothersome because it feel like I have a tiny piece of gum in my mouth. Should I remove it? When should blood clots be dislodged naturally? Do they always naturally dislodge?


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Sep 27, 2013
Leave the blood clots alone. If you remove them then you will develop a dry socket which is very uncomfortable.
If you see light red blood then bite against a piece of paper towel or cotton wool for 5-10minutes and that should stop bleeding. Dark coloured blood is when it is clotting and it has stopped bleeding. Also rest, rest, rest.....

Dr David Lee

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Jul 6, 2016
Hi KellyT,

Often times, I tell patients to leave extraction sites alone and your body will do the rest. If there is any bleeding, bite some cotton gauze or a used teabag to stop the bleeding.

Your body/blood clots in order to allow the extraction sockets to heal properly. If you disturb the blood clots, that will increase the chances of complications and dry socket.

Hope that helps! Don't hesitate to ask anymore questions